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2010-2011 Intramural Sports Racquetball Champion

2010-2011 Racquetball Champion: Kevin Guttenplan
2010-2011 Racquetball Champion: Kevin Guttenplan

Kevin Guttenplan will absolutely destroy your confidence on the racquetball court.  Never heard of him?  Well you will see his face in the long hallway leading to the racquetball courts in Rains Center.  He will be there picking apart his next opponent and taking names.


Kevin Guttenplan, also known on the courts as the Gutts, is the 2010-2011 Pomona-Pitzer Intramural Sports Racquetball Champion.


Want a piece of Guttenplan?  Take a number, because this guy will be the champion for at least a year.  Sign ups to take him down will be up next year!  Line up and take your shot at him, but you better bring it.