Indoor Soccer Rules

General Rules

1. Court shoes only!

2. Six (6) players on a side
- one goalie and 5 on the field/court space.
-Minimum four (4) players to start a game.

-Free substitutions will be in effect.
-Teams must have one (1) female on the court at all times. If not, teams will play one less person.
-Teams can have women's varsity soccer players on their teams. However, only 2 can play on the court at any one time. Teams can NOT have any current men's varsity soccer players on their teams.   

3. Games will be two twenty minute periods.
-  Running time.
- 5 minute half-time.
- Game can be shortened or lengthened at the referee's discretion.
- Games with a tie will end in a 4 v 4 shoot out until a winner is declared (one shooter must be female).  All shoot outs are stationary from top of the three point arc.

4. Ball out of play:  The ball will be out of bounds when it completely crosses the line.  All out of bounds plays will result in a indirect kick from that spot.  Corners and goal kick rules are in effect.

5. There are no offside calls.

6. All fouls will result in indirect kicks, unless they are in the penalty box area.  In that case, a free kick will be awarded.

7. Two Minute Penalties (yellow card):  A player must spend two minutes off the floor and his/her team must play shorthanded.  If determined to be deliberate or major foul.  The penalty time will be annulled when a goal is scored on the opposing team.  Meaning, if team A is playing team B and team A has a person in the box, and team B scores on team A, the person in the box can come out.  End of periods will carry over.
-Attempting to kick, strike, trip, push, tackle, or charge at an opponent.
-Any attempt at deliberately striking the ball with a hand or arm.
-Any player attempting to enter the goal area and obviously obstruct the goal keeper.  Goal will also be dis-allowed and a goal kick will take place.
-Persistent infringement on any rule.
-Objections to the officials.
-Unnecessary delay.
-Deliberate tactical foul.

8. Red card Infractions:  Disqualification of player and number of players on floor will be reduced.  Indirect kick from spot of the ball.
-Second Yellow.
-Violent conduct.
-Inappropriate behavior.
-Any other foul deemed by the official.

9. Keepers may not punt the ball.  They must throw it or kick it from a stand-still on the ground.

10. Any ball that hits the roof will be an indirect kick from the spot.  All kicks are indirect.

11. Be on time. If unable to fill full team by scheduled start time, team will forfeit.

12. If both teams are unable to fill full teams, both will be given losses.

13. The officals' decisions are final.  Anyone arguing with the officials may be thrown out of the game.

16. Any player thrown out of more than one game will be thrown out of the league.

17. No drinking. Anyone caught drinking alcohol or acting intoxicated will immediately be thrown out of the league. This decision is at the discretion of the officials and IM officials.