Intramural Sports

Pool/Billiards Rules

1. Players will be randomly assigned positions at the beginning of the

2.  Games can be played at the game room in the Smith Campus Center on
Pomona's Campus.  All equipment can be checked out in the Coop Store.  Must
bring ID.  Other games can be played anywhere there is a table available and all
players agree.

3. All necessary contact information as well as ladder standings, will be posted
on the website.  

4. In order to move up the ladder, you may challenge someone (1) or (2) levels
above you.

5. After each game the player who wins is responsible for emailing the intramural
director the results of the match by the end of the week.  Preferably, right after,
this way if you play more than one game in one week the ladder will be updated.  
Most people want to challenge above them, if you lose a game and still have not
updated your ranking, a person that challenged you may have done otherwise.

6. Players will play a  best of three format.  The third game is used as a

7. If you beat the player you challenged, you take their spot, and the loser
moves down one spot.  If a player challenged an individual (2) spots above and
wins, the loser will still only move down one spot, consequently pushing the
payer underneath to a lower level.

8. If you beat the player who challenged you, there is no movement of positions
on the ladder.  Keep in mind your position can be go down even when not
playing a match.

9. You are able to make (2) challenges a week and it is strongly recommended
that at least one challenge is made per week.  

10. If challenged, you have one week to set up a match.  If a week (7days) has
gone by and there has been no contact, the challenger must contact the
intramural director and that position will be awarded.

11.  The player in the number 1 spot cannot make any challenges, they can only
respond to challenges.

12. If you scratch on the 8 ball you lose.

13. If you scratch on the break you don't lose.

14. To be safe and clear, call all you shots.

15. A scratch brings up no balls.

16. Slop stays down.

17. One foot must remain on the floor at all times.

18. No ball in hand on table scratches.  If a normal scratch occurs (cue ball
falling in one of the pockets) then it is placed inside the two parallel diamonds
from the side the original break took place.  Only balls outside of this area are to
be played.

19.  To decide who breaks first, a lag will be performed to determine order.  The
ball must hit the opposite rail and come as CLOSE to the next rail with out
hitting.  Closest to the rail breaks first game.  Winner breaks thereafter.

20.  NO ALCOHOL is allowed during any intramural contest and no ALCOHOL is
permitted in the game room.