Intramural Sports

Squash Rules

Schedules will be developed immediately after the registration deadline. A finalized schedule will be posted the day before the event on the website.  It is the responsibility of the participants to
confirm and arrange their playing time.

Tournament Format
All persons will be scheduled in a round robin format or participate in a ladder style tournament  This will depend on how many participants we will get.  Each individual will compete against all
other participants.  Once a round robin has been completed, a single elimination tournament is
to follow.  

A player must defeat his/her opponent in the best of three games in order to win. A game is
won by the first player who scores 9 points and wins by 2.  You must be serving to score.

Squash racquets and balls are available from the Pomona-Pitzer equipment room.  The tournament will be played with a soft ball.

Since there is no referee or scorekeeper, all players should follow the rules of proper squash etiquette and make close calls immediately.  During rallies, it is generally the hitter's responsibility to make the call. Play should continue until the player makes the call.  All scores
should be emailed immediately to the Intramural representative as soon as possible.  Details will be given about that later.

PLAYER WHO ENTERS THE COURT.  At no time should the physical safety of the participants be compromised. Players are entitled, and expected to, hold up their swing, without penalty; any time they believe there might be a risk of physical contact.  Any time a player says
he/she held up to avoid contact, even if he/she was overly cautions, he/she is entitled to a hinder
(rally replayed without penalty). Pomona-Pitzer Intramurals highly recommends the use of safety glasses.