Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports



Schedules & Dates

 The format of the tournament will be a ladder style format.  Rules and regulations regarding the ladder will be addressed at the captain’s meeting.  Please make sure to make not of when and where the captain’s meeting will be.



 All necessary equipment will be provided.


Start of Game

 Participants will volley for first serve, with the winner of the volley gaining the right to serve first.  This volley will consist of no less than 3 successful, consecutive returns.  First serve will then alternate for the remainder of the match.


Length of a Match

 The first player to reach 15 points will be declared the winner, although you must win by two points.  A match will consist of a best of three game series.



 A point is scored if:

o A player fails to make a correct serve

o A player fails to make a correct return

o If a ball passes over their court or beyond their end line without touching their court; after being

struck by their opponent

o If a player strikes a ball twice successively

 One player should say the score out loud after every point so there are no disagreements.

 It is legal to hit the ball around the side of the net to land the ball on your opponents side.



 The server must be standing at the end of their side of the table. 

 After being hit, the ball must make one bounce on your half of the table and then land on the other side of the table.

 Serves may be hit to any part of the opponents side of the table.

 If a serve hits the net and doesnt go over to the opponents side, the opponent is awarded a point.

 If a serve hits the net but still hits the opponents side, that serve is re-done and no points are awarded.

o There is no limit to the number of “net serves” a player may have

 If a serve fails to hit the opponents side of the table, the opponent is awarded a point.

 Each player serves until two points have been scored, then the serve switches to the other player for the next two points.

o Even if a player is losing in a “game point situation, his/her opponent might still be designated

as the server.

o If a player is losing in a “game point situation, he/she may lose on an illegal or losing serve.