2013 Gary Troyer Memorial Tournament Home Page

2013 Gary Troyer Memorial Tournament Home Page

Co-Hosted by
La Verne

Directions/Facility Information
Pomona-Pitzer matches will be held at Haldeman Pool at 290 East Sixth Street on the campus of Pomona College (in Claremont, California). The main parking structure is located at First Street and Columbia Avenue, while street parking is available on a first-come first-serve basis on Mills Avenue between First and Sixth. To help in your visit to Pomona, please consult the following links:

Visiting Pomona College
Campus Map (PDF)

The University of La Verne is located approximately four miles from Pomona (due West on Bonita Avenue, with the Aquatic Center located 1.5 miles north at 3175 Bolling Avenue. For directions, go to the following link:

La Verne Aquatic Center Directions

Whittier College is located 20 minutes away from Pomona's campus (head West on I-10 and take the 605 South). The Slade Aquatic Center is located amongst the athletic facilities at the top of the hill on Earlham Drive.

Whittier Athletic Facilities Directions

Gary Troyer Tournament - Competing Schools
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Cal Baptist


Cal Lutheran


Concordia (Irvine)


Fresno Pacific

George Washington


Johns Hopkins

La Verne

Long Beach State

Loyola Marymount

Notre Dame College


Penn St. Behrend



UC Irvine

Washington & Jefferson





Gary Troyer Tournament Schedule - Friday, October 4

Pomona-Pitzer Haldeman Pool
("home" team in dark caps listed first)
Score updates from Pomona-Pitzer will be provided on Twitter (@Sagehens) 

Cal Baptist vs. Fordham

CBU 11-10

Redlands vs. Washington & Jefferson

Redlands 15-7

CMS vs. Johns Hopkins

CMS 9-8

Pomona-Pitzer vs. Loyola Marymount

LMU 12-7

Redlands vs. Cal Baptist

CBU 12-3

CMS vs. Washington & Jefferson

CMS 15-6

Loyola Marymount vs. Fresno Pacific

LMU 18-6

Pomona-Pitzer vs. Johns Hopkins

JHU 12-11

Whittier Slade Aquatic Center

Cal Lutheran vs. Iona

CLU 11-10

Long Beach St. vs. Concordia (Irvine)

LBSU 9-8

Whittier vs. George Washington

Whittier 11-9

Concordia (Irvine) vs. Iona

CUI 19-10

Cal Lutheran vs. George Washington

CLU 18-12

Whittier vs. Long Beach State

LBSU 10, Whittier 6



La Verne Aquatic Center

Occidental vs. Penn St. Behrend

Oxy 18-6

La Verne vs. Caltech

La Verne 19-11

Notre Dame vs. Fresno Pacific

FPU 11-9

Occidental vs. Fordham

Fordham 10-8

La Verne vs. Penn St. Behrend

La Verne 18-7

Caltech vs. Notre Dame

NDC 16-7



Tournament Schedule - Saturday, October 5

Pomona-Pitzer Haldeman Pool
("home" team in dark caps listed first)
Score updates from Pomona-Pitzer will be provided on Twitter (@Sagehens)

Fresno Pacific vs. George Washington

GW 14-12

Redlands vs. Fordham

Redlands 11-9

Long Beach State vs. Cal Baptist

LBSU 17-4

CMS vs. George Washington

CMS 13-2

Pomona-Pitzer vs. Fresno Pacific

PP 11-6

Redlands vs. Johns Hopkins

JHU 11-5

CMS vs. Notre Dame

CMS 11-8

Pomona-Pitzer vs. Long Beach St.

LBSU 19-6

Whittier Slade Aquatic Center

Caltech vs. Iona

Iona 19-7

Cal Lutheran vs. Penn St. Behrend

CLU 20-4

Whittier vs. Washington & Jefferson

Whittier 14-6

Loyola Marymount vs. Iona

LMU 19-8

Caltech vs. Penn St. Behrend

Caltech 9-8

Cal Lutheran vs. W&J

CLU 19-4

Whittier vs. Loyola Marymount

LMU 11-10 (OT)



La Verne Aquatic Center

La Verne vs. Johns Hopkins

JHU 15-11

Occidental vs. Notre Dame

NDC 9-8



La Verne vs. Fordham

Fordham 15-10

Occidental vs. Cal Baptist

CBU 17-8