Women's Soccer: Sagehens Team Up With Soccer Without Borders

Women's Soccer: Sagehens Team Up With Soccer Without Borders

This past season in 2015, the Pomona-Pitzer Women's Soccer (PPWS) Team fundraised for Soccer Without Borders (SWB), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to use soccer as a vehicle for positive change, providing under-served youth a toolkit to overcome obstacles to growth, inclusion, and personal success. (http://www.soccerwithoutborders.org/). Current junior PPWS player, Nadia Alaiyan, led the fundraising campaign; she fondly remembers her time as a SWB volunteer:

"In August of 2012 I had my first experience with Soccer Without Borders. I volunteered at a week long camp in Oakland, California, helping coach and organize activities for children ages 5-10, and I absolutely loved it. The kids spoke all different languages– some spoke little to no English– and the camp volunteers were right there with them. The atmosphere was filled with positive energy, incredible diversity, and opportunity for growth and development through soccer drills and games, and indoor discussions and art projects. It was a fun camp; but more so, an escape for the numerous refugee and under-served youth in Oakland and nearby areas. After the week flew by, I was filled with joy to have been able to participate in this wonderful organization's mission."

Oakland International High School, SWB, Summer 2012

Numerous PPWS players participated in the Greater Goals Campaign, by reaching out to family and friends who pledged voluntary amounts based on goals scored and shutouts achieved throughout the season. Another incredible youth-centric non-profit organization, Positive Tracks, (http://www.positivetracks.org/) that partners with SWB and encourages young people to get active and give back using the power of sport, agreed to double every dollar the PPWS team raised. By the end of the season PPWS players had raised $2,331, which was doubled to $4,662 by Positive Tracks.

All the Pomona-Pitzer Greater Goals funds will be put towards a new school league for girls in Granada, Nicaragua. SWB Granada is launching this league in 2016 with 10 teams, and it will be the only girls league in the entire city! Visit the SWB Granada Program page here: http://www.soccerwithoutborders.org/granada/. They currently have no financial support; PPWS's donation is spearheading an effort to help SWB get the league up and running this year. And PPWS plans to make this fundraiser bigger and better next year, by starting to fundraise earlier and getting more teams involved. PPWS will reach out to possible donors across the athletic office, men's soccer teams, all sports teams in general, even over to their rivals at Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, and to former teammates who can hopefully get involved with this effort. With PPWS's continued donations in the years ahead, the league will have the opportunity to grow and thrive.


If you would like to get involved next season, between August and November 2016, or if you would like to donate at any time to this campaign, please contact Nadia Alaiyan at nadia.alaiyan@pomona.edu or contact SWB directly!