Convergence Tournament Home Page

Convergence Tournament Home Page

Claremont, Calif. - The Pomona-Pitzer Women's Water Polo program will serve as a co-host of the 2014 Convergence Tournament this Friday and Saturday at Haldeman Pool.

Matches will also be held across Sixth Street at Axelrood Pool, hosted by Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, and at the La Verne Aquatic Center at Las Flores Park, hosted by the University of La Verne. All matches are free of charge.

Directions/Facility Information

Pomona-Pitzer matches will be held at Haldeman Pool at 290 East Sixth Street on the campus of Pomona College (in Claremont, California). The main parking structure is located at First Street and Columbia Avenue, while street parking is available on Mills Avenue between First and Sixth (which may fill up on Saturday due to a home track meet). To help in your visit to Pomona College, please consult the following links:

Visiting Pomona College
Campus Map (PDF)

Axelrood Pool at Claremont Mudd Scripps is walking distance from Haldeman Pool (1/4 of mile East on Sixth Street, next to Ducey Gymnasium). For directions to the CMS athletic department facilities, go to the following link:

CMS Directions

The University of La Verne is located approximately four miles from Pomona College (due West on Bonita Avenue, with the Aquatic Center located 1.5 miles north of the campus at 3175 Bolling Avenue. For directions, go to the following link:

La Verne Aquatic Center Directions

Convergence Tournament - Competing Schools
(Click on school name for Women's Water Polo site)

Azusa Pacific

Cal Baptist

Cal Lutheran

CSU Monterey Bay

CSU San Bernardino



George Washington

La Verne

Long Beach State


Penn State Behrend




UC Irvine

UC San Diego




Convergence Tournament Schedule - Friday, March 7

Pomona-Pitzer Haldeman Pool
(scoring updates from Haldeman Pool will be provided on Twitter - @Sagehens)

Occidental vs. George Washington

GW 10-5

Whittier vs. Hawaii

Hawaii 21-6

Redlands vs. Cal Baptist

CBU 13-4

Pomona-Pitzer vs. Long Beach St.

LBSU 16-6

Whittier vs. Azusa Pacific

Whittier 10-9 (OT)

Redlands vs. Hawaii

Hawaii 25-4

Pomona-Pitzer vs.
CSU Monterey Bay
PP 11-8

Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (Axelrood Pool)

Chapman vs. Gannon

Chapman 13-11

Cal Lutheran vs. CSU San Bernardino

CLU 12-7

CMS vs. CSU Monterey Bay

CMS 9-8

Occidental vs. UC San Diego

UCSD 16-1

Cal Lutheran vs. VMI

CLU 15-8

Cal Baptist vs. Gannon

CBU 19-7

Claremont-Mudd-Scripps vs.
UC San Diego
UCSD 18-9

La Verne Aquatic Center

Azusa Pacific vs. Long Beach State

LBSU 12-3

La Verne vs. VMI

VMI 15-10

Chapman vs. George Washington

GW 13-7

La Verne vs. CSU San Bernardino

La Verne 14-7


Convergence Tournament Schedule - Saturday, March 8

Pomona-Pitzer Haldeman Pool
(scoring updates from Haldeman Pool will be provided on Twitter - @Sagehens)

Occidental vs. Hawaii

Hawaii 18-5

Azusa Pacific vs. Penn St. Behrend

Azusa Pacific 24-0

Pomona-Pitzer vs. UC Irvine

UC Irvine 19-1

UC San Diego vs. Hawaii

Hawaii 9-6

Occidental vs. VMI

Oxy 14-13 (2OT)

Cal Lutheran vs. UC Irvine

UC Irvine 23-3

Pomona-Pitzer vs.
UC San Diego
UCSD 11-6

CMS Axelrood Pool

Cal Lutheran vs. CSU Monterey Bay


Redlands vs. VMI

Redlands 9-4

CMS vs. Siena

CMS 16-7

Chapman vs. CSU Monterey Bay


CSU San Bernardino vs. PSU Behrend

CSUSB 19-2

Azusa Pacific vs. George Washington

3:40 p.m.

Redlands vs. Gannon

5 p.m.

CMS vs. CSU San Bernardino

6:20 p.m.

La Verne Aquatic Center

Chapman vs. Long Beach State

LBSU 21-5

Whittier vs. George Washington

Whittier 11-10

La Verne vs. Gannon

Gannon 10-6

Whittier vs. Long Beach State

LBSU 20-4

La Verne vs. Siena

Siena 15-12