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Erica Barry (Pomona College) is the founder and president of the Sagehen Scoop, a popular video feature broadcast on Claremont Colleges TV that covers campus athletic and community events.

Erica began assisting the Pomona-Pitzer Athletic Department during the 2016-17 academic year by producing feature videos for the department's 21 intercollegiate athletic teams.

"Erica has been an amazing asset to the coverage of our athletic programs this year," said Sports Information Director Sam Porter. "She has a great work ethic and always approaches her work with a high level of enthusiasm and positive energy. She is incredibly professional and has produced outstanding content for Pomona-Pitzer's official media platforms."

In addition to the Sagehen Scoop, Erica is involved on campus as a member of the 5C Dance Company, an Admissions tour guide, a Judiciary Board panelist and a Teaching Assistant in the Economics Department. Erica is also a participant in the Robert Day Scholars Program.

Erica has been interested in telling stories for as long as she can remember. She enjoys learning new things about people and places and sharing them with the communities to whom they matter most.

After completing an internship at Hawaii News Now, the CBS, NBC, and MyNetworkTV broadcast affiliate in Honolulu, Erica created the Sagehen Scoop to produce her own newscasts covering Pomona-Pitzer Athletics and events at the Claremont Colleges to share the exciting stories unfolding on campus.

She manages every aspect of the Sagehen Scoop – writing scripts, conducting interviews, filming, doing her own stand-up reporting, and editing every episode. You can spot Erica carrying her tripod around campus and on the sidelines of the most exciting Sagehen victories. "Pomona-Pitzer athletes work incredibly hard and I enjoy sharing their efforts through the Sagehen Scoop with Sagehen fans near and far," said Barry. In the years ahead, she hopes to expand and grow the Sagehen Scoop to reach as many proud Sagehen fans as possible.

Erica is an Economics major with a minor in Media Studies. After graduation she hopes to combine her passions for writing, public speaking, and storytelling by pursuing a career in broadcast journalism or the media industry.

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