Men's Swimming and Diving: Sagehens Impress at Relays

Men's Swimming and Diving: Sagehens Impress at Relays

CLAREMONT, Calif. – The Pomona-Pitzer Men's Swimming and Diving team had load of first place finishes at the Pomona-Pitzer Relays. The Sagehens blew away the competition, winning the meet with 122 points. Whittier College took second with 56 points. 

The Sagehens opened up with a win in the 3x100 backstroke relay (2:40) with Daniel To, Danny Villars, and Samuel To. Will Abele, Erik Garcia, and Ryan Drover took second with a time of 2:49.

Steven Glick, Robert Buxton, Spencer Satz, and Jack Swanson tied for first in the 500 yard freestyle 50, 100, 150, 200 relay (4:20).

Pomona-Pitzer teamed up with the women's team to take first in the mixed 8x25 freestyle relay (1:29) which included Nathan Hahn, Glick, Liam O'Shea, and Adrian Hui. The Sagehens also took the second spot (1:32) on a team with Jeffrey Tran, Teddy KoernerMatthew Wagner, and Michael Carson.

The Sagehens followed it up with a win in the 8x25 medley with Daniel To, Nick Lewis, Hui, and Hahn with a time of 1:35.

Samuel To, Daniel To, and Villars took first in the 3x200 butterfly relay, finishing with a time of 2:41.

In the 400 yard medley IM relay the Sagehens took first (3:44) with a team of Samuel To, Robert Buxton, Teddy Koerner, and Garcia.

Kyle Dalrymple, Han, and Koerner won the 3x100 breast stroke (3:00) and a team of Kyle Allison, Buxton and Glick took second 3:08.

Hui, Villars, Ryan Drover, and Samuel To tied for first with a time of 1:28 in the 200 yard freestyle relay.

Garcia, Kyle Dalrymple, Samuel To, and Hahn tied for third in the 200 yard medley relay (1:40).

Hui, Nick Lewis, Garica, and Satz took third in the 400 yard freestyle with a time of 3:18.5.

Next Meet: The Sagehens compete next on November 5, at Cal Baptist at 10:30 a.m.